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Cold grinding for all – unique in Germany

Messer operates a highly-specialised technical center for cold grinding in Willich, Germany. Its technology features a special counterrotating peg mill and a tumble screen which allow very fine grain sizes to be achieved when grinding with liquid nitrogen – something that is not possible with conventional procedures. The extremely low temperature of the nitrogen makes it much easier to crush, say, thermoplastic materials in the mill. This also prevents agglutination.

The precisely measured and evaluated results from Willich can be transferred to industrial procedures. Plus the layout of the plant is the same as that of a production plant and can therefore be used as a reference. Fine grinding of synthetic materials or natural products, such as spices, is an art which the Messer Group has mastered. Messer therefore has a technical center for cryogenic grinding in Germany that is open to customers of all the subsidiaries for the purposes of carrying out tests.


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