Application technology


Productivity, production throughput and ecological improvement with gases, expertise & know how, onsite trials , research and development, commercial offers

The magic of gases

It seems  sometimes like a well kept secret:  the properties of gases allow throughout various industries  to optimize customer processes in the following respect:

- economics
- ecological & reduction of carbon footprint
- boost capacity with same equipment 

The discovery of the magic has not yet halted. Every year new aspects of gases will lead tonew magic. It suffices that a customer gets in contact with Messer and requests a solution for a process bottleneck: the Messer experts will sieve through her/his knowledge of gases and maybe a property of one of the industrial gases can improve the issue.


Bringing the magic to life

The secret to bring this optmisation potential to fruition is called "gas application technologies". Gas application technology requires an intimate knowledge of the qualities of the gases as well as the knowledge to create the right circumstances to bring the magic to life.  Messer has build up this expertise during its more than 120 years of industrial gas experience as is capable of offering the right set of services to help customers throughout all branches of industry to discover the magic in the gases to optimize their processes. 

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