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Quality assurance

The highest demands are placed on gas mixtures when they are used for the operation of sensitive analytical instruments in quality assurance, safety technology, emission or environmental monitoring. Most of the analytical instruments in use today operate comparatively, as the balance scales often seen in street markets in the old days. Just as these required precise weights in order to weigh correctly, modern analytical instruments use high precision gas mixtures with defined compositions for calibration.

Focus on accuracy

As the accuracy of the analytical results critically depend on the accuracy of the used calibration gases, Messer follows a strict quality management system in order to ensure highest quality standards in the production of calibration gases.

Gas mixture composition

The composition of calibration gases varies from application to application, this ranges from simple binary mixtures in the %-range to a multicomponent mixtures in the ppm- or even ppb-range. Due to the nearly unlimited diversity of possible mixtures, Messer produces most calibration gases as individual gas mixtures on special customer specification.

The individual gas mixtures are characterized by their detailed composition, expressed in an agreed unit, the production tolerance, the uncertainty of the certified composition and the stability period. Adapted to the different customer requirements, Messer offers calibration gases, in different categories.

Accuracy ranges

In most applications in measurement techniques, a calibration gas uncertainty of +/- 2% rel. is used. We offer these as Labline mixtures, usually with a production tolerance in the range of +/- 5% rel. For high precision measurements, we recommend calibration with Topline mixtures with an uncertainty of less than 1%. Labline and Topline mixtures can be produced with a wide range of different components in the %- and ppm-range. For trance analysis, for example in environmental monitoring, Messer offers Traceline mixtures with concentrations in the ppb-range.

Certificates of conformity

Each calibration gas is supplied with a certificate of analysis (according to ISO 6141). Besides the rated and actual composition and its uncertainty and other technical data, also the date of expiry is stated on the certificate. The standard stability period of calibration gases is 1 year. Depending on the chemical properties of the components and the concentration range, Messer offer many calibration gases also with a prolonged stability period of up to 5 years (Longlife-option).

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